All you need to express yourself in Figure Skating, Dance and Gymnastic

Mondor collection 2013 for Dance, Figure Skating and Gymnastic

New collection for Dance, Figure Skating and Gymnastic is now available. Mondor as usual has developped high performance tights and competition apparel, which meet the specific needs of athletes. For this new collection you have the possibility to choose among several different items in order to satisfy your fashion desire and technical needs.

Mondor is comprised of an authentic, passionate team of people who, day after day, pursue the quest for excellence by developing exceptional quality products.

Zuca Sport

A true all-around athlete, the patented design of the ZÜCA Sport demands attention. Agile. Graceful. Absurdly versatile. And with a light, superong aluminum frame and oversized polyurethane wheels (they climb stairs), even school hallways and cracked sidewalks can't slow its roll. A removable hand washable bag. Wheels that flash. Tons of custom combos. A built-in seat.

Mk and Wilson blades


. Mondor






Roll Line

Bunga Pads

Transpack bags






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